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- Preaching the Living WORD through the Written WORD - 2 Tim 4:2 -






 (2Pe 1:3 from vss. 3-10)    7-22-12

Grace Bible Church, Gillette, Wyoming

Pastor Daryl Hilbert




A.    Paul can pray that “grace and peace be multiplied” to the believer (vs. 2) because (“ōs - conjunction, as) He has provided everything for the believer. This is the first requisite that the believer must perceive in order to have Christian Virtue. Christian virtue has been infused into the believer by the “divine power.

1.     “Divine” is the Greek adjective thei,os which is similar to the noun theo,s (God).

2.     Theo,s is a name that identifies God as God. Thei,os denotes an attribute that comes from God.

3.     Contrary to the Greek pagan view of polytheism (poly - many & theoi - gods), theo,s is the sole Divine and Personal God of the Scriptures. Everything that comes from theo,s (God) is thei,os (Divine) and comes from the sole Divine and Personal God of the Scriptures.

4.     Therefore “power” (du,namis, Eng. dynamic) which comes from Him is not only divine but is unequaled by any other power that exists.

5.     This divine power has been “granted” (dōre,omai - to give or bestow) to the believer (“to us”). So the power for life and godliness is not based on self-help and self-determination, rather it is realized by faith in what God has bestowed. In fact, God has bestowed this power and continues to bestow it (perfect middle participle - dōre,o,mai) so that the believer has a constant divine supply.

a)    This was the power that spoke the world into being (Heb 1:3).

b)    This power is of surpassing greatness (Eph 1:19; 3:20).

c)     It strengthens the inner man (Eph 3:16).

d)    It is the power of the resurrection (Phil 3:10).

6.     Paul emphatically reveals that God’s divine power covers not some but “everything” (pa,nta - all or everything, emphatically placed first in construction) pertaining to life and godliness.

B.    He has provided everything concerning “life” (zōê - existence or quality of existence) for the believer.

1.     Certainly this would include “eternal life” (1Jo 5:11-13).

2.     He also has provided everything pertaining to an abundant, victorious, manner of life for the believer (Joh 10:10).

3.     The parameter would include every aspect of general life (Jam 4:4).

C.    God has also provided everything the believer needs to be “godly” in this life.

1.     “Godly” comes from the Greek word euse,bia which literally means “good worship” or one who conducts themselves in a good worshipful manner. It would mean one lives with well-directed reverence. Though the word would emphasize external behavior, such behavior stems from internal and heartfelt godliness.

2.     A believer’s public conduct is to live a godly life (1Ti 2:2).

3.     A believer is to discipline himself in godliness (1Ti 4:7, 8).

4.     God’s truth is in accordance with godliness (Tit 1:1).

5.     Godliness is putting sound doctrine into practice (1Ti 6:3).

6.     The believer is to live godly in light of the Lord’s Coming (2Pe 3:11).

D.    This power comes through the “true knowledge” (epi,gnosis - full and true knowledge) of God.

1.     This knowledge is not simple knowledge but a knowledge that is real and fully aware of the truth.

2.     It is the true knowledge of knowing Christ and His salvation (2Pe 1:2; 1Ti 2:4) and becomes fuller as the believer grows in the knowledge of Christ (2Pe 3:18; Eph 4:13; Phil 1:9; Col 3:10).

3.     It comes only through the revelation of God’s Word (2Pe 1:4) and causes the believer to grow in godliness (Tit 1:1). This is the point of 2Pe 1:4.

4.     It is knowledge of our “glorious” God in all His attributes and particularly His perfect and virtuous “excellence” (arête - virtue or moral excellence). God is the perfection of virtue and moral excellence the likeness of which He has bestowed upon the believer.