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(1Co 12:8-10, 28-30; Rom 12:6-8; Eph 4:11; 1Pe 4:10-11)

Grace Bible Church, Gillette, Wyoming

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A.      Lexical Definitions


1.       There are two Greek words that describe spiritual gifts; they are pneumatikoì and charísmata.

2.       Pneumatikoì means spiritual things, things pertaining to the Spirit, or spiritual gifts. The word emphasizes the fact that spiritual gifts have their origin from the Holy Spirit (pneúma hágion).

3.       Charísmata comes from the same root as the word “grace” (cháris) and therefore means "gifts of grace" or "grace-gifts." This word emphasizes the fact that spiritual gifts are the supernatural enabling of the Holy Spirit and not natural talents.

4.       Charísmata are supernatural gifts of enabling, given by the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation to a believer, to be exercised in the building up of the body of Christ.


B.      Various Definitions


1.       A spiritual gift is a God-given ability for service. (Ryrie, C. C. (1995, c1972). A survey of Bible doctrine. Chicago: Moody Press.)

2.       A spiritual gift is a divine endowment of a special ability for service upon a member of the body of Christ. (William McRae, The Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1976), p. 18.)

3.       [A] spiritual gift must not be regarded, then, as an enlargement of natural powers, but a supernatural gift bestowed in keeping with the purpose of God in placing that individual in the body of Christ. (Walvoord, John F., A.M., Th.D.; THE HOLY SPIRIT; Grand Rapids: Dunham Publishing Co.; 1958, p 167)




A.      Spiritual Gifts are Through the Agency of the Holy Spirit


1.       Spiritual gifts are given through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

a)       The Holy Spirit’s ministry is to oversee and give believers spiritual gifts (1Co 12:4, 11).

b)       Spiritual gifts then are a ministry of the Holy Spirit just as Regeneration, Indwelling and Sealing are (1Co 12:7; Heb 2:4; cp. Tit 3:5; 1Co 3:16; Eph 4:30).

2.       The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts at time of salvation (1Co 12:13).

a)       An individual receives the Holy Spirit when he places his faith in Christ (Eph 1:13).

b)       Spiritual Baptism is spoken of in the context of spiritual gifts (1Co 12:13).

c)       Spiritual Baptism places a believer in the body of Christ.

d)       Spiritual gifts minister to the body of Christ.


B.      Spiritual Gifts are for the Purpose of Edification


1.       The chief purpose of gifts is edification (building up of the body of Christ).

2.       The Greek word for edification is oikōdomên and is used seven times in 1Co 14 (3-5 14:12,17,26). Oikōdomên comes from two Greek words, oikos-house & domê-build. Literally, it means to “build a house.”

3.       Spiritual gifts are for bringing the body of Christ to spiritual maturity (Eph.4:11-12).



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