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- Preaching the Living WORD through the Written WORD - 2 Tim 4:2 -







(1Co 12:8-10, 28-30; Rom 12:6-8; Eph 4:11; 1Pe 4:10-11)

Grace Bible Church, Gillette, Wyoming

Pastor Daryl Hilbert







A.††† Understand that a spiritual gift is a divine and supernatural enabling, given by the Holy Spirit at the moment of salvation, to be exercised in the building up of the body of Christ. It is not a talent.

B.††† Ask God to help you understand which spiritual gifts you possess.

C.††† Study the Scriptures to gain a biblical understanding of spiritual gifts.

D.††† Be active in many ministries and services for the Lord.

E.††† Consider the encouragement and confirmation of other believers.

F.†††† Continue to exercise and develop your spiritual gifts.

G.††† Understand that believers are expected to practice all biblical exhortations.




A.††† Read the definitions and descriptions of the spiritual gifts listed.

B.††† Determine the spiritual gifts and ministries that you have a propensity toward.

C.††† Determine the spiritual gifts that you believe exemplify you.

D.††† Determine the spiritual gifts and ministries in which you feel the most fulfilled.

E.††† Determine the spiritual gifts and ministries in which you seem to be the most effective.

F.†††† Realize that spiritual gifts are not limited to the descriptions in this evaluation.

G.††† Realize that spiritual gifts are exercised in various ways and various ministries.

H.††† Fill in your name and check the spiritual gift(s) that you believe you possess.




A.††† THE GIFT OF FAITH (1Co 12:9)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† As a Permanent Gift, faith could be defined as a special ability to lay claim on the promises of God in regard to Godís provisions and purposes. It is distinct from a believerís saving faith.

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† I am ready to try great things for God because I trust in a great God.

b)††† I see Godís promises as a biblical vision for Godís people.

c)†††† I am often ready to believe that God will provide in a situation when others feel it is impossible.

d)††† People view me as one who pursues the promises and purposes of God.

e)†††† When people are discouraged, I enjoy giving them a positive biblical vision.


B.††† THE GIFT OF HELPS OR SERVING (1Co 12:28; Rom 12:7)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† McRae defines ďhelpsĒ as the special ability to serve faithfully behind the scenes, in practical ways, to assist in the work of the Lord, encourage, and strengthen others spiritually.

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† I am very concerned about getting tasks accomplished to alleviate others.

b)††† I feel a sense of satisfaction in seeing a job through to completion.

c)†††† I am willing to work at a task regardless of how simple or trivial it may seem.

d)††† I readily notice and volunteer to help with tasks that need to be done.

e)†††† I enjoy pitching in on service projects in the church.


C.††† THE GIFT OF ADMINISTRATION (1Co 12:28; Rom 12:8)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† Administration or Leading is the God-given capacity to organize and administer with such efficiency and spirituality that not only is the project brought to a satisfactory conclusion but it is done harmoniously and with evident blessing. (McRae)

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† I am concerned about implementing clear biblical principles for the entire group.

b)††† I am concerned about implementing the input of others.

c)†††† If in a group where there is no leader, I will assume leadership.

d)††† I am able to guide and motivate people to join in the achievement of particular goals.

e)†††† People seem to respect me and follow my lead.


D.††† THE GIFT OF MERCY (Rom 12:8)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† The gift of mercy is the spiritual ability to see the needs of all kinds of sickness and afflictions and be internally and externally moved to compassionate action.

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† I like to spend time with those who are lonely and hurting to cheer them up.

b)††† I empathize with those who are embarrassed and humiliated and seek to comfort them.

c)†††† I have a tender heart toward the needy and will often do what I can to help those who are in distress.

d)††† I enjoy visiting the sick and shut-ins.

e)†††† I tend to look out for those who are neglected and alienated.


E.††† THE GIFT OF GIVING (Rom 12:8)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† A believer with the gift of giving has the capacity to give of his substance to the work of the Lord or to the people of God consistently, liberally, sacrificially, and with such wisdom and cheerfulness that others are encouraged and blessed (McRae).

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† I appreciate the opportunity to financially support in a critical situation.

b)††† I often give anonymously to those in need.

c)†††† I am known for putting resources together with the needs of others.

d)††† I cheerfully give well above a tithe to the work of the Lord.

e)†††† I enjoy giving to those in serious financial need.


F.†††† THE GIFT OF EXHORTATION (Rom 12:8)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† Differing from teaching in that it is an appeal for action, exhortation is the practical aspect of a preaching [or teaching] ministry. Some are given a special gift in this work, enabling them to lead Christians into the active realization of the will of God (Walvoord). [added comment]

b)††† Exhorting involves encouraging, comforting, and admonishing people...teaching may or may not involve exhortation, and contra wise exhortation may or may not involve teaching (Ryrie).

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† I enjoy encouraging others to go on with the Lord either through teaching or one on one.

b)††† I make myself available to talk with others.

c)†††† I often challenge others to reach their potential in Christ from the Scriptures.

d)††† I enjoy encouraging those who are discouraged and down-hearted.

e)†††† People often come to me with their personal problems for encouragement.


G.††† THE GIFT OF EVANGELISM (Eph 4:11)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† The evangelist has the capacity to present the gospel with exceptional clarity and an overwhelming burden (McRae).

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† It is a joy for me to proclaim God's plan of salvation to unbelievers.

b)††† I feel a burden to share the Gospel with people.

c)†††† It is a joy to share what Jesus means to me with unbelieving neighbors.

d)††† I feel a deep concern for the unreached people in my community.

e)†††† I have a burden for missions to foreign countries and unreached peoples.


H.††† THE GIFT OF TEACHING (Rom 12:7; 1Co 12:28; Eph 4:11)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† A person with the gift of teaching will ...have a keen interest in the personal study of the Word... [and will] have the capacity to communicate clearly the truths and applications of the Word so others may learn and profit (McRae).

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† I'm excited in helping people to discover important truths in the Scriptures.

b)††† I am able to make the Bible clear and relevant for others.

c)†††† I feel compelled to communicate God's message from the Word so people know what God expects of them.

d)††† I can organize my thinking in such a way as to systematically present a Bible lesson to others.

e)†††† Others comment on how much they have enjoyed, learned, or grown under my teaching.


I.†††† THE GIFT OF PASTOR-TEACHER (Eph 4:11)†† (check here:__________)


1.†††† Definition

a)††† One with the gift of pastor-teacher has the God-given ability to feed, lead, and give heed to the flock of God. One may be a gifted teacher without being a pastor, but one may not be a pastor without being a teacher. These are two aspects of one gift (McRae)

2.†††† Descriptions

a)††† It is rewarding to have the responsibility of equipping, edifying, and warning believers in their spiritual life.

b)††† It is exciting to provide spiritual shepherding in the local church.

c)†††† It is a conviction to preach the Word of God without compromise to Godís people.

d)††† I like to assist people concerning their spiritual problems with scriptural principles.

e)†††† I am concerned about the spiritual troubles, cares and concerns of believers in the local church.




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